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    Ilka V. Chavez is a lover of people and life. She is dedicated to mentoring and guiding individuals and organizations to identify and activate the leaders within. She is a strong believer who allows God to direct her path so she may lead others. Her goal is to awaken the masses from being "walking dead people." Her slogan is “Learn It, Live It, Lead it!”


    She is a #1 international best seller author and a fervent leader with an extensive track record for helping leaders, communities, and organizations reach their highest potential. She is a certified emotional mastery coach, an inspirational speaker, and a leadership consultant through her company, Corporate GOLD (Global Organizational Leadership Development Company,) LLC.



    Featured in Prince William Living, "book nook" 2018.



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    What Leaders Say And Do
    What Leaders Say And Do
    How To Inspire Your Tribe

    "What leaders Say and Do is truly a guide to leading yourself and inspiring your tribe. Every leader in the world should have this book." - Dr. Melida Harris Barrow

    This book will equip you and awaken you to the true leader within. "Everyone can become a leader by following the inspirational and effective leadership model outlined in this book. The author highlights the necessary human traits and sound judgment to lead in both the work and home environment. It supports every leader's God Given Talent!" - Laura Nichols - Educator
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  • Success University For Women

    It's time for you to take back control and grab the success you've been waiting for, no matter the challenges you might be facing right now.


    Whether you're a career woman or a busy work-from-home mom, you can succeed in business and life... you just need a little help (and maybe a little push!).


    Inside Success University for Women (in Business), you'll hear from 16 successful business women from all over the world who chose to face their fears and succeed.

  • Feminine Influencers

    Healer, Leaders, Givers


    Feminine Influencers: Healers, Leaders, Givers (Women Who Serve From The Heart Volume 1) features amazing women that are the front runner of the Feminine Influencers Movement.

    Ilka Chavez, Janece Hoopes, RoseAnn Janzen, Michelle Quinn, Abby Rohrer, Shelley Sanders and Zhanna Shpits are Feminine Influencers who serve from the Heart, and from that place they are leaving their footprint in History.

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    "The book is well detailed on how to lead your organizations, homes, family and businesses. This book is going to be my (Leadership Blueprint). I thank the Author for putting together such a well written book promoting growth and excellence in leadership." - Dr. Melida Harris Barrow, Universal Peace Ambassador for Panama


    "Ilka Chavez reminds us that everyone is destined to be a leader in their own right, at their own time. As you read the pages that follow, you too will be inspired by her courage to share her own journey and empowered by her contagious belief in growing leaders and building greatness. Ms. Chavez knows exactly what leaders say and do because she is the epitome of excellence." - Kristen Kiefer - Chief of Staff, National Council on Aging


    "Everyone can become a leader by following the inspirational and effective leadership model outlined in this book. The author highlights the necessary human traits and sound judgment to lead in both the work and home environment. It supports every leader’s God Given Talent!" - Laura Nichols


    "Ilka, is a leader and a mentor in my life. She encompasses everything that I believe about being a leader - vulnerability, resilience, empathy, consciousness, introspection, and seeing people past their faults. Success is found in making sure others succeed. This book and Ilka's character makes sure that others can succeed!!" - Yolanda Johnson – Owner Beyond Measure, LLC


    As expected, Ilka Chavez not only met but exceeded my expectations on her first book! Ilka lives by example and as part of her tribe I often benefit from her inspirations. WHAT LEADERS SAY AND DO is brilliantly filled with nuggets that builds from the ground up and from the inside out. If you are looking to establish YOUR "leadership footprint," WHAT LEADERS SAY AND DO offers great tools to do so; amust read! - Dalys Macon – Owner, Divine Order and IT Consulant

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