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The Role Is Not The Reward

“God cannot approve of a system of servitude, in which the master is guilty of assuming absolute power - of assuming God's place and relation towards his fellow-men.” - Gerrit Smith

John 3:30 (NIV) - He must become greater; I must become less.
Do you remember the time you received your first promotion, I bet it was a time of extreme pride. If you are an actress or actor imagine the first leading role you were assigned, you probably felt on top of the world. When we are assigned key roles we sometimes forget that “the role is not our reward.”

I was reading an article by John Bloom on Desiring God. “He stated in this article that we must remember that our role is not our reward. Jesus is our reward. Roles will begin and they will end. And the only way for us to end well is if in our heart Jesus has increased and we have decreased.” Can you imagine this, being named the President of a multi-million dollar company or you are called to lead a nation, would you be able to trust God and give him his rightful place, to decrease you and increase him? To know that despite holding this powerful position, there is no reward in the role, the reward is in Jesus.

I believe when we truly adopt an attitude of humility and servitude, we learn to completely rely on God and know that we are his humble servants. No matter our title, position, or role, we understand we are here to serve God and his kingdom. Once we understand this, it may be easier to accept that God must become greater and we must become less. Nothing is about us, it is all about him. The struggle to remove self is real. I encourage you to read John 3:25–36.

Dear God,
Thank you for the reminder that in all things you must become greater; I must become less. That nothing is about me, it is all about you, your kingdom and eternity. I pray that all your children remember that no matter their position, title or role it is is all temporary. That they must remain focused that it is all about you, your kingdom, eternity and not about them. That you become greater; and they must become less. I ask this in your son Jesus’ name. Amen!

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