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Grateful Leader Experience Day #4

“When you’re not your best self, you’re operating out of fear, instead of out of love. When this happens, you have the power to give yourself a do-over.” -Mary Morrissey

Gratitude Day #4

Verses of the day- Isaiah 43:18 and 1 John 1:9

Today I am grateful for “do-overs!”

As I wrote my moments of gratitude this morning, I was grateful for second chances aka “do-overs.” I am hosting a course entitled “Standing Firm in Your Truth.” A few participants couldn’t make it or had issues connecting on the first day of the course. In most cases, others may say you missed it, figure it out. I however, am grateful for the many times I was afforded a “do over” (my truth) and was glad to repeat the session with the clients who missed the first day of the course. “Feedback never failure.”

Low and behold, my coach, Mary Morrissey” shared a post today regarding “mulligans”, go figure. Of course, I know nothing about mulligans. I learned today that it is a term used when playing golf. “If they do a shot and it isn’t a good shot, they can take something called a mulligan. A mulligan means a complete do over, like it didn’t happen.” Imagine giving yourself or someone else mulligans when fear rather than love takes over. Amazing grace!

I share this example because I am happy and grateful to be afforded many chances for a do over in life. To be afforded and afford “mulligans.”

What do-overs aka “mulligans” are you grateful for today?

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