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30-Day Gratitude Experience

Good evening and Blessings!

Happy New Month. What a year it has been! 2020 continues to sprinkle many surprises on all of us. I want to take this time to express my condolence to the many subscribers who have lost loved ones during this year. It has not been easy. We must keep the faith and trust that God remains in total control even when things don't make sense to us. I continue to keep each of you in my prayers.

You are probably wondering what I have been up to. It has been sometime since you have heard from me. I continue to write and paused for a bit for self-care and to complete a few books. I hope some of you have visited and reviewed some of the previous blogs as you continue to grow. I am in the process of completing a 365-day devotional and journal entitled Becoming a Leader of Worth. If all goes as plan, I will be releasing this book in addition to two other leadership books including one for young leaders at the end of this month. Be on the lookout for pre-order information.

My sincere gratitude to each of you for your continued love, support and engagement. I would love to hear from you and if you have specific prayer requests.

In the spirit of gratitude, I want to invite you to join a 30-day gratitude experience . For the next 30 days you will ignite gratitude in yourself and become the pebble that starts the wave of gratitude around the world. I will be sharing post, articles, and information on the power of gratitude. Along with a gratitude post, you will receive a prompt that will remind you to do these three things daily:

  • Step 1 - 3 things you are thankful for today
  • Step 2 - 1-3 goals or dream you achieved today (okay if you don’t achieve any. Keep taking one step towards your dreams.)
  • Step 3 - What are you looking forward to?

Grab your notebook and start to journal daily throughout this month on your radical gratitude

1- Aim to write 3 things you are thankful for at the start of each day. (Write more if you feel the urge)

2- Steps 2 and 3 and can be done throughout your day or right before bedtime.

3- Don’t forget consistency wins the game and "gratitude changes everything."

4- Sharing is caring. Invite your friends to join. They will thank you later. Promise!

2020 has been some year!!! Everyone could use a little hope, and hope begins with gratitude. As leaders, we can help. Don’t wait for change, be the change. Invite your friends and family to join this experience. If you are already signed-up to my blog, no need to register for this challenge. You will receive the posts. Those who are new, should register using the link below. I hope you will join me on this daily experience of radical gratitude. Please reply to this post to receive a copy of The Grateful Leader 30-day experience calendar. 

Thank you and have an amazing week!!! Peace and blessings. - Ilka V.

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