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Grateful Leader 30-Day Experience -Day #17

“Imagine your bills are checks you're receiving. Or use gratitude and give thanks to the company who sent you the bill, by thinking about how you've benefited from their service - for electricity or being able to live in a home. You can write across the front of a bill when you pay it, "Thank you - paid." If you don't have the money to pay the bill right away, write across the front of it, Thank you for the money.”-Rhonda Byrne

Gratitude Day #17

Verses for today: Romans 13:7 and Leviticus 27:30

Today I am happy and grateful for my bills. Eric Ravenscraft wrote an article in 2013 that encourages to use paying bills as an opportunity to practice gratitude. He mentioned he heard this quote that said bills are “Invoices for Blessings Already Received.” He reminds the reader that any time we have debt, we’re simply repaying someone for something of value that we have already received. He also encourages in this article that instead of looking at your credit card or loan statements with dread, why not get into gratitude? Go through and list out all of the blessings that you’re still paying for and be grateful.

In business and in life you will have bills. Be grateful for the electricity, the mortgage, the rent, the gas, and even the car you are drive today. Remember the bills you receive for these services or items are “Invoices for Blessings Already Received.” Flip the script, change your narrative and be grateful.

I look forward to hearing from you on today’s gratitude reflection.

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