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Sticking to your New Years’ Resolution?

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Keeping your New Years’ resolutions beyond the first month of the year is not easy. When you are called to lead others, it is especially difficult because all the demands of the group under your supervision or influence consume the 1440 minutes of your day. In attempting to forge forward with any goals, let alone my resolutions for the New Year, I have discovered the importance of the following factors: self-confidence, consistency, prioritization, discipline and desiring change over stagnancy.

As you continue to pursue your 2018 resolutions past the first month of the year ask yourself these five questions:

1- How badly do I want to experience this change?

2- Am I prepared to hold myself to a higher standard of accountability?

3- Am I prepared to lead myself before leading others (this includes your family, your tribe, and your projects)?

4- Am I equipped with the tools to succeed?

5- Am I using the same strategies to get different results?

Once you answer these questions, I encourage you to do the following:

-Keep first things first.

-Take it one day at a time.

-Find an accountability partner

-Try new strategies to meet your new goals. (You know what Einstein said about doing the same thing and expecting different results.)

-Remain in the present.

-Do your best.

-Get the help you need to succeed.

-Never give up on you. Don’t ever let yourself off the hook! You will inspire your tribe, and don’t be surprised if you even inspire yourself.

- Remain focused.

-Do your best! (Yes, this second reminder is intentional)

Here is to overwhelming success in achieving your 2018 resolutions and goals. You can do it! Remember it is mind over matter.

Ilka V. Chavez

Featured author in several #1 International Best Sellers

Motivational Speaker

Leadership, Executive and Certified Emotional Mastery Coach

Author: What Leaders Say and Do: How to inspire your tribe.

Coach: Empowering You! Leadership and Life Elevation Program

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